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Listen To The DirtyBeach Monster Compilation Music Album.

Speaker 1

Help us raise funds for our political campaign #TheBeachParty and download the growing monster compilation album of artists and musicians who have performed live on the dirtybeach.

This Monster is getting bigger, and we're always looking for new musicians and comedians to perform on the famous sand sofa stage. Its easy to get your track included here, but you will have to join us on the sand sofa first for a chat, and maybe a live performance on the beach.

Half the profit raised from downloads goes towards funding our political party, the other half is to split between the artists, representitive of their contribution. So if we end up with 100 tracks, and you contribute 2 of them, and the album then sells a million downloads the next day, you as an artist would get 1% of this profit.

We also offer 200 free downloads a month if you are too poor to pay for it. Or if you want to contribute something, you can name your price depending on what you want to pay. We would suggest £10 for the whole album, but it's up to you what you think it's worth. £1 or £100, it all helps.

Click here to download the album now.

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